Frequently Asked Questions

How I can register as a specialist in the GDC of UK?

Clinical speciality certificates in UK depends on earning the certificate of appropriate specaility from the royal colleges, in that case, passing the MRD Exam is how you register as a specialist of restorative dentistry in UK (keeping in mind that ORE is needed for practice)

Will I be allowed to practice dentistry in England after earning Masters?

Earning masters or even PHD degrees doesn't give you dental practicing license , you can only earn it after passing ORE exam .

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How this program is hosted in Egypt ?

Transitional learning has existed in Asia and Gulf countries more than 10 years ago . 
For example, Dubai has more than 50 branches of Foreign universities covering all areas of education like Harvard and Boston universities branches.
But in Egypt , this type of learning didn't exist until a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ASCDE and University of Dundee.

What is the difference between Master philosophy (Mphil),Master clinical (Mclindent),Full Masters,DOCTORAL degree and PHD?

Mphil is a one or two year program which doesn't fulfil the requirements for Mortho exam . It consists of Thesis only and doesn't have any practical content , For example University of Manchester


Mclindent is a full time  2 years program which doesn't fulfil the requirements for Mortho exam , For example Sheffield University

Full Masters is a part time 3 years program which fulfils the requirements for Mortho exam . It has theoritical section, practical section and a thesis. For example New castle university and Dundee Msc in Egypt

DOCTORAL degree is a full time 3 year program which consists of both clinical and theoritical sections and thesis which fulfils requirements for Mortho exam . For example Liverpool University

PHD is either a part time or full time program which consists of theoritical section only . For Example University of Manchester

What is the employment benefits of earning a masters from University of Dundee?

If you earn Masters degree, you can apply to any teaching position in any faculty of dentistry , do research and pursue your academic studies but you won't be able to treat patients or sign a job contract with NHS as an restorative specialist without passing the MRD exam.

Is it a scientific degree or just a course called Masters?

It is a scientific degree which afterwards you can pursue your PHD in England.

Is the certificate accredited by both ASCDE and University of Dundee ?

No, Your certificate will be accredited by University of Dundee only; ASCDE only role is to host the scientific degree in Egypt .

Will I earn the same certificate granted in England?

Yes! You will earn the exact certificate at the graduation cermony of Dundee in Scottland.

Will it be mentioned that I earned the certificate in Egypt ?

No, It won't.

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