Admission & Fees

Below are the steps of admission to university of Dundee Restorative MSc:

Required documents

First stage:

  • Passport scan
  • 2 personal photos
  • Grade scale (original and a copy)
  • Graduation certificate (copy)
  • Academic IELTS results (your score has to be more than 6.5 total, with each component being more than 6)
  • Engagement in the literature (500 word summary on a dental topic)

Second stage:

  • The quality of work submitted for the first stage
  •  Evidence of engagement in dentistry since graduation
  •  To express oneself clearly
  • The applicant will be required to futher 500 word commentary from a dental paper
  •  Prepare a monolithic crown preparation on a phantom-head tooth.


  • Fill the registration form on ASCDE website
  • Fill the admission form on UKPass website (you have to completely submit your application)


7500 GBP per year for Egyptians and non-egyptians, paid on 2 installments. The first is transfered to University of Dundee account and the second is paid in ASCDE.

6000 EGP are to paid to cover application fees.

Step by Step how to register:


An interview with the applicant is conducted by Prof. John radford when your application is complete.