Admission & Fees

Below are the steps of admission to university of Dundee Restorative MSc:

Required documents

First stage:

  • Passport scan
  • 2 personal photos
  • Grade scale (original and a copy)
  • Graduation certificate (copy)
  • Academic IELTS results (your score has to be more than 6.5 total, with each component being more than 6)
  • Engagement in the literature (500 word summary on a dental topic)

Second stage:

  • The quality of work submitted for the first stage
  •  Evidence of engagement in dentistry since graduation
  •  To express oneself clearly
  • The applicant will be required to futher 500 word commentary from a dental paper
  •  Prepare a monolithic crown preparation on a phantom-head tooth.


  • Fill the registration form on ASCDE website
  • Fill the admission form on UKPass website (you have to completely submit your application)


9500 GBP per year for Egyptians and non-egyptians, paid on 2 installments. The first is transfered to University of Dundee account and the second is paid in ASCDE.

500 gbp are to paid as a downpayment.

Step by Step how to register:


An interview with the applicant is conducted by Prof. John radford when your application is complete.