Frequently Asked Questions

What are the graduation requirements for this program?

Participants are required to complete successfully the theoritical part of the MSc program and are examined both orally and written in all pf its modules. Participants are also required to complete a number of cases with certain critieria to complete the clinical part. In case of acceptable excuses for delay in delivery of complete requirements the participants's clinical residency in ASCDE is extended to provide more time for the participant without any extra tution fees.

How this program is hosted in Egypt ?

Transitional learning has existed in Asia and Gulf countries more than 10 years ago . 
For example, Dubai has more than 50 branches of Foreign universities covering all areas of education like Harvard and Boston universities branches.
But in Egypt , this type of learning didn't exist until a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ASCDE and University of Dundee.

Is it a scientific degree or just a course called Masters ?

It is a scientific degree which afterwards you can pursue your PHD in England.

Is the certificate accredited by both ASCDE and University of Dundee ?

No, Your certificate will be accredited by University of Dundee only; ASCDE only role is to embrace the scientific degree in Egypt .

Will I earn the same certificate granted in England?

Yes! You will earn the exact certificate at the graduation cermony of Dundee in Scottland.

Will it be mentioned that I earned the certificate in Egypt ?

No, It won't.

Shall the students be treated like if they were studying in England ?

Yes , there will be no difference between studying here and there. Every student here will earn an ID and an E-mail adress from the University of Dundee which can be used for logging in to the universty's library and communication with University's staff including complains, grades, assignments, etc...

What is the nature of study ?

The study is divided in to two parts ; Academic and Clinical.

The academic part includes -three to four days- per  month visits of English Professors  during the 3 years of study . Exams are held at the end of each semester.

The Clinical part is 3 days a week and includes planning and treatment of about 35-40  different orthodontic cases under supervision of Egyptian proffessors, and follow up by English Teachers every 3 months .

What are the fees ?

Please refer to the admission & fees page for more information concerning tutition fees

Who are the Lecturers?

Prof. David Bern   Vice dean of post graduate studies (University of Dundee)

Prof. Richard Cure    Head of Orthodontic departement ( Warwick University)

Dr. Grant  Macintyre   Hospital head and responsible for fellowship program ( University of Dundee )

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Does this program qualifies for Royal college fellowship , what is the difference between it and any other program?

Yes, This program was designed by Prof. David Bern according to the requirements of royal college ; Taking in consideration that most teachers in this program are Royal college examiners.

Also, latest refrences and researches accredited for the fellowship which are only available for British universities' students according to Intellectual property law will be supplied . 

Finally, The fellowship exam is simulated many times and students are trained to solve alike questions.

What are the requirements for admission?

Please refer to the admission & fees page for more information concerning admission requirements and steps.

Will I be allowed to practice dentistry in England after earning Masters?

Earning masters or even PHD degrees doesn't give you dental practicing license , you can only earn it after passing ORE exam .

Will I be registered as GDC specialist in supreme council of higher Education in England ?

To be registered as a specialist in England , you have to pass Mortho exam .

What are the details of residency and what distinguishes ASCDE from others?

ASCDE has the largest compound of clinics in Egypt for every speciality , for example The ortho clinic has 22 dental units , a lab , 3 dental stores for orthodontic materials, central sterilization unit and an attached restorative clinic  for patients preparation before orthodontic treatment .

There are more than 2000 patients being treated under supervision of  Msc and PHD holders .

What is the difference between Master philosophy (Mphil),Master clinical (Mclindent),Full Masters,DOCTORAL degree and PHD?

Mphil is a one or two year program which doesn't fulfil the requirements for Mortho exam . It consists of Thesis only and doesn't have any practical content , For example University of Manchester


Mclindent is a full time  2 years program which doesn't fulfil the requirements for Mortho exam , For example Sheffield University

Full Masters is a part time 3 years program which fulfils the requirements for Mortho exam . It has theoritical section, practical section and a thesis. For example New castle university and Dundee Msc in Egypt

DOCTORAL degree is a full time 3 year program which consists of both clinical and theoritical sections and thesis which fulfils requirements for Mortho exam . For example Liverpool University

PHD is either a part time or full time program which consists of theoritical section only . For Example University of Manchester

Is the Degree of University of Dundee accredited ?

The Saudian  Ministry of higher education recommends  University of Dundee for postgraduate studies in the  field of dentistry ; Being one of the best 3 universities in this field.

Dundee University is recognized from the supreme council of Universities

Signing  a contract between University of Dundee and University of Alexandria

How long is the duration of the program ?

It is a 3 year program, graduation will be either in june or november in the fourth year after completion of  log book cases , passing final exam and completion of thesis. 

What is the difference between University of Dundee Orthodontic masters and Royal college fellowship of orthodontics?

If you earn Masters degree , you can apply to any teaching position in any faculty of dentistry , do research and pursue your academic studies but you won't be able to treat patients or sign a job contract with NHS as an orthodontic specialist.
While fellowship earners are registered as orthodontic specialists in General Dental Council and are can sign a job contract with NHS  after passing ORE ( Overseas Registiration Exam ). 

What are the requirements for graduation and when is the graduation ceremony held ?

The students earn the masters degree at the graduation ceremony at University of Dundee in june or november according to passing both theoritical and practical exams, thesis discussion and log book submission including 10 successful cases.


How to make sure of Masters credibility ?

We know that there are many fake scientific degrees in Egypt which are claimed to be accredited but these degrees are neither  accredited or even mentioned at the universities' sites . 
But you will find University of Dundee's MSc degree in Egypt mentioned at

What's the nature of attendance for this program?

You will attend for 3 days per week for the clinical part while the theoritical part is taught part time for 3-4 days per month, thus requires full time attendance to complete both.

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