Monthly visit for three years (2 to 3 days), the whole syllabus is covered just by british tutors. Includes 7 modules:

Year 1

Module 1: Craniofacial Growth and Development and the Aetiology of Malocclusion (15 credits)

Module 2: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (15 credits)

Module 3: Orthodontic Treatment mechanics (30 credits)

Year 2

Module 4: Tooth movement and biomechanics (15 credits)

Module 5: Orthodontic materials and health & safety (15 credits)

Module 6: Adult and multidisciplinary treatment (30 credits)

Year 3

Module 7: Research methods and dissertation (60 credits)

Exams are done after each Module, If successful, you will awarded a MSc Degree in University of Dundee graduation ceremony in Scotland.