Below are the steps of admission to university of Dundee orthodontics MSc:

Required documents

  • Passport scan
  • 2 personal photos
  • Grade scale (original and a copy)
  • Graduation certificate (copy)
  • Academic IELTS results (your score has to be more than 6.5 total, with each component being more than 6)


  • Fill the registration form on ASCDE website
  • Fill the admission form on UKPass website (you have to completely submit your application)


Cohort Total Fees First installment (before december)

Second installment (before june)

2018 cohort 10500 GBP 6000 GBP 4500 GBP
2019 cohort TBA TBA TBA

Payment Terms

  • Fees applies for both egyptians and non-egyptians. First installment can be paid in increments before the deadline, and can be paid by 3 methods: 1) wire transfer 2) Western Union transfer 3) online payment using credit card (in this case only, payment will be done in the local currency)
  • Additional application fees are required before entering the admission interview (amount to be announced), application fees are non-refundable unless your application has been refused by the university, application fees are paid in EGP and is not included in the total fees.
  • Accommodation fees are included during visits to the university, traveling fees (flights booking) is the responsibility of the participant.

Step by Step how to register:


An interview with the applicant is conducted by Prof. David Bearn at the end of August.