Module 1

•Introduction to Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
•The Expanding Scope of Implant Dentistry
•Applied Anatomy in Implant Dentistry 
•How implants works
.•Evolution of Modern Implant Dentistry   
 •Demonstration of placement of Endosseous Implants
•Biomaterials and Biomechanics
•Why are there several implant systems

Module 2

•Examples of cases where the patients’ needs and desires could not have been met  without implants
•Review of Current Implant Modalities , Systems 
and Configurations 
 •Examinations (Clinical)
•Developing Treatment Plans
•Surgical Post-Op – Introduction to immunology and wound healing 

 •Pre Surgical Prosthetic Planning: Diagnosing implant candidates and work-up sequence
•Physiology of Pain: Theory and Management
•Diagnostic Radiographs

Module 3

•Surgical Principles – Basic implant surgeries
•Interim Restorative Phase
 •Peri-implant Tissue

Module 4

•Fabrication of provisional prosthesis and providing template for the final restoration
•Prosthodontic Protocols – Presurgical, Provisional and Definitive
.Advanced implant surgeries including bone grafting
.Fundamentals of Sinus Graft, Symphyseal Grafts, RamusGrafts
 •Extra Oral Grafting
•Implant Periodontics and Esthetics     

Module 5

• Long term Validation of Principles and Techniques –
 Predictable implant sequencing    
•  Advanced Restorative and Esthetic Strategies in 
Implant Dentistry  
• Advanced Implantology- Immediate loading principles and techniques 
•  Computerized approaches to total rehabilitation
 utilizing CAD/CAM technology and surgical navigation        •   Identifying failures and managing complications
•    Pathophysiology of Implant Failures – Mechanical, Biological, Chemical and Surgical        
•  Office Emergencies
• Medico-Legal considerations
•   Preparation for the Associate Fellow/Fellow exams of the AAID