Modules and topics included:
  • Case diagnosis: The Key to Practice Success 
  • Esthetic Analysis and Smile Design 
Anterior Esthetics Porcelain veneers 
  • Case study and waxing up 
  • Different preparatory techniques 
  • Latest materials and material selection 
  • Provisional made easy, fast, achievable, and healthy 
  • Color control and modification, tints to ceramic stains 
Composite veneers             
  • Direct and indirect composite laminate veneers 
  • Latest materials and techniques 
  • Adhesion principles 
  • Finishing, polishing techniques and materials 
  • Handling composite failures 
  • Esthetic Recontouring 
Posterior Esthetics
  • Posterior Composite Restorations and Systems 
  • Minimal invasive techniques for cavity preparation 
  • Material selection 
  • Matrix systems and contact aids 
  • Handling post-operative sensitivity 
  • Posterior Esthetic onlays and inlays 
  • Different preparatory techniques 
  • Material selection 
  • Occlusion Adjustments 
  • Cementation
  • Science of teeth bleaching 
  • Diagnosis and case selection 
  • Material and techniques 
  • OTC bleaching products 
  • Management of sensitive teeth prior bleaching 
  • Management of sensitivity post-bleaching 
  • Case Diagnosis 
  • Identify extra canals and how to locate them 
  • Be aware of different rotary systems 
  • Obturation techniques and systems 
Fixed prosthodontics 
  • Case diagnosis and selection of FPD design 
  • Occlusnion considerations, assessment of vertical dimension 
  • Long span bridges 
  • Material selection for accurate impression taking and FPD cementation 
  • Restoration of endodontically treated teeth 
  • Different post systems 
  • Core material selection 
  • Basics of managing the bite and registration techniques 
  • '10 minute provisional technique ''full arch or single units that are fast and beautiful" 
  •  cementation: total-etch vs. self-etch. light cure only vs. dual cur cements. indication and protocol for use  
Dr Hanaa Nassar lecturing in the restorative course in ASCDE building
Dr Hanaa Nassar lecturing in the restorative course in ASCDE building
Dr Hanaa Nassar performing a demo for preparation of laminate veneers on a model


  • Direct and indirect composite restoration using different techniques including natural layering
  • technique in anterior teeth using different composite systems 
  • Posterior composite hands-on workshop 
  • Different inlay and onlay designs 
  • Rotary system workshop (cleaning, shaping and Obturation) 
  • Different laminate veneer preparations, provisional and final restorations 
  • Bleaching demonstration on patient  
Dr Hanaa Nassar lecturing in the restorative course in ASCDE building


Hanaa Nassar

Lecturer at  Fixed Prosthodontics department, AlAhram Canadian University

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