Basic modules

medical and dental management

  • Understand the problems in treating patients with serious medical or behavioural disorders aand describe the medical and dental management of these medical conditions.
  • Manage behaviourally challenging children and their parents.
  • Evaluate the patient's need for behaviour modification using various non-pharmacological and pharmacological modalities.
  • Medication used in pediatric(antibiotic,analgesics,sedative) its action and dose.
  • Understand how to manage emergency dental treatment of children.

Choronolgy, Morphology & Occulusion

  • Teething problems(neonatal,over-retained teeth, ectopic eruption, missing teeth)
  • Understand factors involved in the physical and behavioural developement of the child with special emphasis on dental developement.

Pulp therapy

  • Determine when to initiate pulp therapy, restore or extract primary teeth.
  • Diagnose the primary teeth pulp status.
  • Pulp therapy for primary teeth (techniques and materials).
  • Pulptherapy for young permenant teeth( techniques and materials).

Advanced Modules

Traumatic Dental Injury

  • Different types of dental injuries on primary and young permenant teeth and how to manage it (uncomplicated crown fracture - complicated crown fracture - Crown Root fracture - Root fracture - Concussion - Subluxation - Lateral luxation - Intrusion Extrusion - Avulsion )

Space Management

  • Understand the principles of growth and developement .
  • Diagnose and manage developing malocculusion in primary and early mixed dentition .
  • Eliminate Oral habits.
  • Consequences of early tooth loss and space maintenance.
  • Management of space problems in children ( space maintainers & regainers)


  • Select the best restorative option and material.
  • Esthetic solutions for primary incisors.
  • Adhesive techniques and differences which need to be accounted for when restoring primary teeth compared to permenant teeth.
  • Sealants:Resin based VS glass ionomer.
  • Fiber post preparation in primary anterior teeth and crown build up using crown formers.


  • Hands on Xray.
  • Hands of deciduous teeth pulp therapy ( Anterior and posterior with final restoration)
  • Hands on permenant teeth pulp therapy for young immature teeth (Anterior & Posterior)
  • Prepare Stainless steel crowns.
  • Design and fabricate arch length space maintainers.
  • Preparation of esthetic crowns.


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Fees & Payment

3200 EGP (for both modules) or 1800 EGP for each module