First Module

  • This Module will help you understand what you need to know before & after performing oral surgery on your patient 
  • Quick review over the important anatomical structures related to oral surgery 
  • Common and recent radiographic views: how to read normal anatomy, how to recognize
  • abnormalities, and how to assess the surgical site for safe operation 
  • Trouble shooting pain control problems in the dental office:  local anaesthetic types, basic techniques and supplementary techniques 
  • Preoperative, operative and postoperative management of medically compromised patients
  • in dental office 
  • Protocols for in-office management of specific medical emergencies in dentistry 

Second Module

  • Discussion of when to treat, when to refer a patient 
  • Design the flap to maximize access, visualization and ensure proper uncomplicated healing 
  • Suturing materials and suturing techniques 
  • Surgical extractions and removal of remaining roots of single and multi-rooted teeth, teeth
  • Sectioning and bone removal instruments and techniques 
  • Impacted third molars; Classification, causes, complications & new management strategies 
  • Surgical removal of impacted third molars 
  • Management of other impactions than third molars 
  • Surgical exposure of impacted teeth for orthodontic treatment 
  • Prevention and Management of postoperative surgical complications 
  • Nerve Injury and Nerve Repair: Statement of Timing Issues 
  • Step by step to reach diagnosis of oral pathologic conditions 
  • Taking surgical biopsy from oral soft or hard tissue pathologic lesions 
  • Surgical removal of oral soft or hard tissue pathologic lesions 
  • Medical, dental and surgical treatment of oral infections and the proper use of antibiotics 
  • Management of dento-alveolar trauma and familiarity with the management and treatment of
  • Fractures of the jaws and facial skeleton  


Different Surgical Flaps techniques (on animal tissues) 

Perform all types of suturing (on animal tissues) 

Inter maxillary fixation cast & wire

Hands on patients:


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