First Module 

  • The cellular basis for pulpal and periapical disease 
  • Endodontic diagnostic procedure 
  • Troubleshoot anesthesia difficulties in endodontic 
  • Managing the Apprehensive Patient 
  • D/d of tooth ache 
  • Endodontic Instruments and Equipment 
  • Value of Magnification 
  • Guidelines for Rubber Dam Use 
  • Access Preparation and Orifice Identification 
  • Nomenclature of Niti alloy instruments design and how to use make most benefit of it  
  • Endodontic cleaning and shaping & different most recent techniques 
  • Management of difficult root canal anatomies 
  • Root Canal Irrigation 
  • Strategies to Reach the Root Apex 
  • Single-Visit vs Multiple-Visit Therapy 
  • Inter appointment Temporization 
  • Obturation of radicular space & different techniques 
  • Rotary Endodontics 
  • Know how to diagnose and treat endodontic emergencies 
  • post-operative sequelae 
  • Diagnosis and treat perio-endo lesions 
  • Infection and Success Rates 
  • Endodontic vs Implant Therapy for a Single Tooth 

Second Module (Advanced) 

  • Endodontic failures and retreatment 
  • Retrieval of accidents-instrument breakage using different techniques 
  • Management of traumatized tooth-pulp    Removal of posts using different techniques 
  • Diagnose and treat internal and external resorption 
  • Diagnose and treat vertical fractures of teeth 
  • Differentiate, diagnose and treat traumatic injuries 
  • Pulpal regeneration using different techniques and identifying different elements used
  • Revascularization and apexo-gensis 
  • Vital pulp therapy and pulp capping 
  • Medical Evaluation and Antibiotic Precautions 
  • Odontogenic and nonodontogenic differential diagnosis 
  • Adhesion in root canal 
  • Locating and Opening the Mineralized Canal 
  • Managing the obstructed canal 
  • Mishaps during Root Canal Shaping 
  • Mishaps in Shaping the Apical Third 
  • Pain after Cleaning and Shaping 
  • Endodontic Emergencies and Their Treatment 
  • Treating the Avulsed Tooth 
  • Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth    
  • Diagnose and treat vertical fractures of teeth  


First Module 

  • Using the microscope, learning different microscope chair positions, and techniques and tools used with magnification 
  • Rubber dam placement 
  • Access cavity under magnification and location of extra canals 
  • Cleaning and shaping using different rotary Ni Ti instruments 
  • Obturation using thermo-plasticized gutta-percha under magnification                                                                        

Second Module 

  • Coronal disassembly 
  • Removal of post and broken instruments and repair of perforation at different canals 
  • Management of immature open apex teeth  


Mohamed Mokhtar Nagy

Assistant prof. of Endodontics Ain Shams University.

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FEES : 3800 for both Modules paid during the course.

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