7 Modules (2 months & Half):

1-Dental photography (one day lecture & workshop)
2-Smile design (one day lecture & workshop)
3-Anterior Aesthetics (2 days lectures, live Demo & workshop)

  • Porcelain laminate VS Direct Composite Veneers
  • Preoperative phase
  • Operative phase
  • Cementation
  • Try in
  • Post-operative phase
  • Lumineers

4-Posterior Aesthetics (one day lectures & workshop)
5-Facial Aesthetics Dermal fillers (one day Lecture & workshop)

  • Dermal fillers in dental office
  • Dermal fillers history
  • Types of dermal fillers
  • Dermal fillers injection techniques
  • Management of gummy smile

6-Laser & recent trends (one day Lecture & live demo on patient)

  • What is laser
  • Laser effect on tissues
  • Types of lasers used in dentistry
  • Uses of laser in different dentistry branches e.g. Operative, periodontics
  • Uses of laser in pain control & wound healing
  • Dental laser therapy

7-Bleaching (one day lecture, live demo)

  • Etiology of teeth discoloration
  • Contraindication of vital teeth bleaching
  • Measurement of shade changes
  • Bleaching materials
  • Patient preparation for bleaching
  • Bleaching techniques
  • Internal tooth bleaching


Hands On

Dental photography
Laminates (Composite & Porcelain )
Indirect Aesthetic restoration
Botox Injection
Laser (different Types )
Live demonstration

*Availability to treat patients (laminates, bleaching, Botox & dermal filler) with extra fees.

Additional Information

More information

Fees & Payment

Each Module 1000 EGP except Anterior aesthetics (1500)
8 Modules only 5000 EGP instead of 8500