8 Modules (2 months & Half):

1-Dental photography (one day lecture & workshop )
2-Smile design (one day lecture & workshop)
3-Anterior Aesthetics (2 days lectures, live Demo & workshop)
Porcelain laminate VS Direct Composite Veneers
Preoperative phase
Operative phase
Try in
Post-operative phase
4-Posterior Aesthetics (one day lectures & workshop)
5-Facial Aesthetics Dermal fillers (one day Lecture & workshop)
Dermal fillers in dental office
Dermal fillers history
Types of dermal fillers
Dermal fillers injection techniques
Management of gummy smile
6-Laser & recent trends (one day Lecture & live demo on patient)
What is laser
Laser effect on tissues
Types of lasers used in dentistry
Uses of laser in different dentistry branches e.g. Operative, periodontics
Uses of laser in pain control & wound healing
Dental laser therapy
7-Bleaching (one day lecture, live demo)
Etiology of teeth discoloration
Contraindication of vital teeth bleaching
Measurement of shade changes
Bleaching materials
Patient preparation for bleaching
Bleaching techniques
Internal tooth bleaching
8-Occlusion (one day lecture)
TMJ anatomy
Mandibular movements
Types of occlusion
Criteria for success of occlusal treatment
Requirements for occlusal stability
Detection of occlusal trauma
Adjusting centric interferences
Adjusting anterior guidance
EDEC principle
Solving occlusal wear problems


Hands On

Dental photography
Laminates (Composite & Porcelain )
Indirect Aesthetic restoration
Botox Injection
Laser (different Types )
Live demonstration

*Availability to treat patients (laminates, bleaching, Botox & dermal filler) with extra fees.

Additional Information

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Fees & Payment

Each Module 1000 EGP except Anterior aesthetics (1500)
8 Modules only 5000 EGP instead of 8500