The world's implant program It is among the most respected and comprehensive training programs in implant dentistry offered in university settings throughout the U.S. and internationally, the course presenters include renowned university faculty, world-class clinicians and the top authorities in implant dentistry. The AAID implant program provides 300 or more hours of lecture, laboratory sessions, live surgical demonstrations and clinical work. It is presented in 10 parts, over a 10-month period. Dentists who graduate from an approved MaxiCourse® will meet the minimum educational requirements...

All you need to know about Dental & Facial Aesthetics 

The comprehensive endodontics course involves a wider and deeper understanding of all the different aspects of endodontic treatments, including magnification, complicated cases and management of errors.

Real international implant program The only german implant program in Egypt covered only by international instructors; the program is entirely done by the DGI professors from 6 universities in germany . In collaboration with Ain Shams university; participants of the DGI program are automatically qualified to Ain shams university clinical implantology masters program. The 2017 cohort's admission is open for registration Register now or scroll to learn more
This 8 session course is intended for dentists who want to integrate both the surgical and restorative phase of dental implants in their daily practice. We start with patient selection, treatment planning and critical anatomical structures when considering dental implants, and progress up to...

From anatomy, going through the necessary surgical steps and finally to performing them, the minor surgery course covers all necessities required to understand and perform minor dental surgeries adequtely.

The course covers broad array of topics presented including restorative care, pulp therapy, trauma ,behaviour management space management and minor tooth movements.

A two and half months comprehensive course or 8-day condensed course that contains 4 modules, covering all kinds of restorative cases from scratch. With clinical tips, workshops and training you will be able to perform all treatments required for a tooth to preserve or restore...

The first Trans-national British Dental Degree in Egypt ASCDE is a host for the University of Dundee Orthodontics MSc degree, the 3 year master program is entirely taught by university of Dundee professors; traveling from Dundee each month to lecture in ASCDE facilities. Under supervision of Egyptian professors, the second component of the MSc Program is the clinical training, students will perform complete orthodontics treatments on more than 30 patients on a 3 days per week schedule. All which fullfils the MOrtho examination requirements of the Royal colleges.